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Translation into Danish

We offer bespoke translations to and from the Danish language, as well as high-quality proofreading and localisation services to make sure your text hits home. Our goal is to take your text and transform it faithfully into something that will truly connect with readers in the Danish-speaking world.

Quality guaranteed

We use a unique three-step translation process that guarantees excellent quality each and every time. All of our translations are checked by a proofreader and subjected to a final review to ensure the highest level of reliability. Moreover, we only work with qualified, native-language translators who have ample experience in Danish translation and proven track records in the industry.


So whether you are looking for a Danish translation from English or from any other language, you can rest assured that with us quality and reliability are absolutely guaranteed.

Specialised translations

Our linguists have backgrounds in a wide variety of different sectors, so no matter whether you need legal translations, medical translations or technical translations, we are on hand to help.

Moreover, we understand the importance of pairing specialised texts with translators who possess the right expertise and we have ample experience in compiling glossaries and term lists. So don’t leave your translation in the hands of a machine or a novice translator – trust us to create the careful and accurate translation your text deserves.

Our language pairs

We work with a wide network of trusted linguists and can offer translation into Danish from a variety of different languages. Some of our most common language pairs are listed below. Don’t see the one you’re looking for? Not to worry – simply get in touch and we will consult our wide network of linguists to find a solution for you.

We translate:

  • From English to Danish
  • From German to Danish
  • From Swedish to Danish
  • From Norwegian to Danish
  • From Spanish to Danish
  • From Dutch to Danish
  • From Chinese to Danish
  • From Russian to Danish
  • From Italian to Danish
  • From Icelandic to Danish
  • From Faroese to Danish

In Numbers

Words translated from English to Danish

Words translated from German to Danish

Words translated from Dutch to Danish


Below are some key phrases such as how are you in Danish to give you an idea of what the language looks like!

Where is Danish spoken?

As well as being the official language of Denmark, Danish is also widely spoken in parts of northern Germany and in the Danish dependencies of Greenland and the Faroe Islands. There are 5.6 million speakers of the language worldwide with enclaves of Danish speakers in places as far-flung as Canada, the United Arab Emirates and the USA, as well of course as neighbouring countries like Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

What kind of a language is Danish?

Danish is a Germanic language which is descended from Old Norse, the language of the Vikings. Its distinctive features include a very large number of vowel sounds (29!) and a unique phonological feature known as stød – a very subtle croaky sound that often distinguishes very different words from one another.

It’s also a great language for getting creative with compounds. Speakers can put together extraordinarily long words by simply clicking an entire string of nouns together. Like skiinstruktørsammenslutningssekretærsaspirant for example, which means ‘ski-instructor-association-secretary-aspirant’ (of course!).

Is Danish the same as Swedish and Norwegian?

Danish, Swedish and Norwegian are all Scandinavian languages and have a certain degree of mutual intelligibility between them, particularly when it comes to the written language.

That is not to say they are one and the same, however. The three languages all sound very different when spoken, with the guttural sounds of Danish in particular often proving a challenge for Norwegian and Swedish speakers.

There are important lexical differences to be aware of, too. For example, the word rolig in Danish means calm or quiet, while the same word in Swedish means enjoyable or funny. Similarly, frokost in Danish means lunch while practically the exact same word in Swedish – frukost – means breakfast instead.

Importantly, there are a number of perfectly innocent words in Swedish and Norwegian which have rather unsavoury meanings in Danish – something which translators need to be very careful of when working across the three languages!

Why translate into Danish if all Danes speak English?

It is indeed true that Danish speakers have an excellent grasp on the English language. In fact, along with the Dutch and their Scandinavian neighbours, the Danes have one of the highest levels of English proficiency in Europe. But even if most Danes feel relatively comfortable speaking English, research has nonetheless shown repeatedly that consumers feel more comfortable engaging with content in their mother tongue. Internet users naturally gravitate towards their own language when searching for goods and services online, and the Danes are by no means an exception to this rule.

This means that if you really want to connect with the Danish market, an English-only approach quite simply isn’t going to cut it. And considering that the Danish e-commerce industry is currently in the throes of rapid growth and that the country is home to a large number of key industries, there is clearly a lot to be gained by speaking Danish online.

Key phrases in Danish

Key phrases in Danish




How are you?

Hvordan har du det?


Do you speak English?

Taler du engelsk?


What is the official language of Denmark?

Hvad er det officielle sprog I Danmark?


If you are Danish, where are you from?

Hvis man er dansk, hvor kommer man fra?